We Serve Too!

A 501 C 3 Nonprofit

"Serving those who serve..."​​

We Serve Too! is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to honor military families for the sacrifices they routinely make. Since 2011, we have brought our core initiatives to military communities across the United States. 

Core Initiatives

  1.    Summer Matters
    Summer Matters
    A wellness program that explores actions youngsters can take during summer to keep their bodies -- and their academic skills -- strong.
  2.   Children's Programs
    Children's Programs
    Support Yellow Ribbon and Strong Bonds events with "Best Practices" programs.
  3. Tickets for the Troops
    Tickets for the Troops
    Distribute Division I football game tickets to local military communities.
  4.   Hallmark Project
    Hallmark Project
    Provide Hallmark recordable books to deploying service members.